Resting Place

Inner Healing Counseling & Art Therapy


Individual Therapy:

For adults 18 (or older) that emphasizes multi-disciplinary treatment for problems such as,  

  • Stress

  • Depression &Anxiety

  • Grief & Loss

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Identity Issues

  • Crisis of Faith

  • Life Transitions

  • Loneliness

  • Relationship Difficulties with Others

  • Physical or Emotional Abuse (Past or Present)

  • Change in Functioning and Mood due to Major Life Situations


Treatment will focus on shifting behavior (what you do), cognition (what you think) and/or emotions (what you feel or attribute to your feelings), in order to change patterns that trigger or reinforce problems in your life. Deep seeded issues may be explored and treated as counseling progresses over time. If applicable, a Christ-centered inner-healing model of therapy will be utilized.

Couple Therapy:

Counseling for dating, premarital, and married couples who have struggles with ineffective communication, unmet intimacy needs, decrease in affection, anger and resentment, and difficulties coping with infidelity.

Using the Prepare and Enrich material, premarital couples will address the following issues:

  • Family and Personal History

  • Personality Differences

  • Marital Expectations

  • Communication and Emotional Intimacy

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Household Managements

  • Finances

  • Relationship with Extended family

  • Parenting and Raising a Blended Family

  • Spiritual Beliefs

  • Sexual Intimacy

Family Therapy:

Family Counseling addresses issues between parents and children and/or between siblings with the goal of helping family members understand each other and communicate better. Family issues that can be addressed: 

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Loss of a Loved One

  • Parental Unity  

  • Respect and Boundaries

  • Proper Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Responsibility and Consequences

Group Therapy

Group therapy consists of approximately 6-10 individuals. It is a safe environment in which group members can establish

Groups offered: 

The Healing Care Group is for those that are seeking spiritual and emotional healing. The purpose of this group is to offer individuals a safe place to heal from deep wounds, false, beliefs, damaged emotions, and dysfunctional behaviors in a confidential small group setting. This group is for individuals who struggle in the following areas:

  • Experiencing God’s Love

  • Knowing Your True Identity in Christ

  • Loving Yourself and Loving Others

  • Sinful Behaviors

  • Negative Thinking

  • Wounds from Childhood   

Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a form of counseling in which an art therapist facilitates the use of art media (such as lines, shapes, colors, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and collage) and the creative process to help individuals explore their thoughts and feelings, develop healthy relaxation techniques, increase behavior management, enhance social skills, promote effective communication, support conflict-resolution, and increase self-awareness. To find out more about art therapy click on link

Resting Place, LLC offers individual, couple, family, and group art therapy. As well as off-site workshops, groups, and trainings. See Contact Info to find out more information.


Art Therapy Seminars, Workshops, & Groups

“What is Art Therapy?” Workshop
Presentation that combines a description of art therapy and an art-making experiential component where participates will engage in the basic practice of individual and group art therapy. The following information is included in the presentation: define art therapy, discuss the purpose and benefits of art therapy, identify populations able to participate in art therapy, and the steps to becoming an art therapist.


Art Therapy Open Studio: A weekly on-going wellness group for individuals of all ages to express themselves using a variety of media materials, such as lines, shapes, colors, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, collage, and so much more! No art experience is needed. Just a willingness to create! Focus is not on the finished product as much as it is the process of being able to communicate a thought or feeling through the use of art.  

Art Therapy and Anger Management: One day workshop (can also become a short-term group) that focuses on learning how to manage the strong and unpleasant emotion of anger, which is often underlying with feelings of hurt, sadness, disappointment, and fear. Using the process of art-making participates will explore their feelings of anger to gain insight and awareness and learn effective ways to manage.

Art Therapy and Social Skills Group for Preteens and Teens:  A 15-week social skills group (divided into 3 five-week session) for middle school teens (ages 12-14) who are interested in learning ways to help them make and keep friends. During each group session preteens and teens are taught important social skills and are given the opportunity to practice these skills in session during socialization activities using the basic concepts of art therapy, play therapy, and role-playing. 

Art Therapy and Identity Group: Eight week group that focuses on gaining awareness and insight into what shapes one’s identity. Using the art directive of the “identity box” the participants will explore their cultural background, life experiences, labels and stereotypes put on them, and how they choose to present themselves to others. The goal of this group is to identify and learn how to walk in one’s true and authentic identity.

Art Therapy and Body Image: Eight week group that focuses on gaining awareness and insight into one’s perception of body image. Using the art directive of the body mapping participants will explore their thoughts and feelings regarding their outer/inner person, identify what is negative and untrue, and learn to focus on what is positive and true in order to gain self-confidence.

Art Therapy and Shame: In this one day workshop (can be short-term, closed group) participants will learn what is shame, how it is different from guilt, causes of shame, and ways to resolve shame in a healthy and safe manner using the basic concepts of art.

Art Therapy and Trauma: In this one day workshop (can be short-term, closed group) using the basic concepts of art participants will learn what is trauma, the different kinds of trauma, causes of trauma, and ways to express and communicate one’s trauma experience in a healthy and safe manner using the basic concepts of art.

Art Therapy Intervention Workshop: One day workshop (can be a short-term, closed group) where participants will learn how to utilize art in their therapeutic setting for children, adolescents, couples, and families. 

Common Questions about Art Therapy

Q: Who can participate in Art therapy?

A: Everyone! It does not matter how young or old, if you have artistic ability or not, anyone can participate in the art therapy process. Art therapy can be done anywhere.


Q: What if I’m not artistic or have drawing talent?

A: I always tell my clients, “The process of making art is for the simple purpose of expressing a thought or a feeling. I’m not an art teacher and you are not my student. I am not going to give you a grade for your artistic skill or how well you did.”


Resting Place, LLC offers divorce and family mediation. Also offered is conflict-resolutions for couples, complex family and relational conflicts, and church leadership/member conflict.  See Contact Info to find out more information.

Workshops, Trainings, & Seminars